14 år tillsammans

Men far ju åt känslorna en sån här dag – 14 år tillsammans. Stort grattis till oss!

Och som av en händelse är vi i studion och lägger sång på en ny låt:

Do we still remember where to go?
Do we recognize the warning signs out on the road?
And through all these years of ups and downs, we got lost a time or two.
Are we still on the road?

You know I put my trust in you
And you trust me with your heart to hold on to
And I can’t imagine wandering this rocky road alone.

Are we still on the road

Sometimes we’ve thought of giving up
To start over in someone else’s arms
But we couldn’t find a reason to give up and to let go
So we’re still on the road

God knows that I have tried to change.
To become a better lover and a friend
But then you tell me that you don’t need perfect, cause you’re not perfect too.
So we’re still on the road

Raising a family,
Has filled every waking hour but made my life complete
And all the worrying and sleepless nights, a blessing and a curse
But we’re still on the road

We’re still wandering this same ol’ road,
that we started walking a long, long time ago.
For better or for worse and all those rainy days to come

We’re still on the road

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